Welcome to the Temple City Alternative School. We invite you to share our enthusiasm for learning and student success in a safe, positive, technology- rich environment. The school is known for its positive climate, high academic expectations, enthusiastic teachers, and the strong partnership that exists between school, home, and community. 

The Alternative School is designed to provide a setting where students with a wide range of needs and educational abilities can excel in a non-traditional setting. Providing a safe and caring learning environment is a high priority of the Alternative School staff. Students are given an opportunity to achieve success, earn credits toward a high school diploma and develop feelings of self-worth and responsibility. We celebrate the multicultural experiences of our students and community.


School Mission

To provide a balanced and rigorous curriculum in a flexible, student-centered, individualized learning environment that is engaging and prepares students with 21st century skills essential for college and career readiness.  


School Vision

To empower students to become productive citizens by developing the skills necessary to promote self-worth, independence, knowledge and the creativity necessary to adapt to a world of accelerating change within a safe, secure and supportive environment.


School-Wide Learning Results (SLO’s)

The Temple City Alternative School student is:

Responsible, self-directed learner who

  • Creates a positive vision for themselves and their future in order to set priorities and achieve goals.
  • Exhibits good study/work habits that include regular schoolwork, attendance, and effective time management.
  • Exhibits self-motivation, self-discipline, and accepts individual and group responsibility.


Complex thinker who

  • Identifies, analyzes, integrates, and uses a wide variety of resources and information to complete projects.
  • Uses logical problem-solving processes and critical thinking skills.
  • Uses self-evaluation while implementing ideas or plans.


Technologically skilled student who

  • Locates and accesses the necessary information from appropriate online information sources to complete assignments.
  • Uses technological skills to gather, analyze, and organize information to complete assignments.
  • Utilizes technological skills to efficiently produce, publish, and present assignments.